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Everything in Bagging Equipment

Hamer-Fischbein designs and manufactures bagging equipment and packaging solutions under the Hamer, Fischbein, Saxon and Inglett brands. These trusted brands combine almost 200 years of industrial bag closing and automated packaging experience to improve packaging line efficiency and profitability. Hamer-Fischbein is the worldwide leader in sewing and sealing equipment and turnkey bag management systems. The portfolio includes the widest product range of weighing, filling and bag closing technologies; manual, semi- and fully automatic bagging systems; form fill seal bagging automation; conveyors; and robotic bag palletizers. Hamer-Fischbein serves diverse end markets including agriculture, animal feed, seed, pet food, chemical, mineral, milling, food, building material, medical and pharmaceutical, lawn & garden and packaged ice with sales and service in over 190 countries.



Philip Rahm offers a wide range of applications solutions, including:

Filling/Dosing Equipment

Since their introduction in 2008, the Hamer Model 600NW Net Weigh and Model 100GW Gross Weigh scales have been industry leaders.  Easy to use, and easy to service, they are the most rugged designs available.  Both models offer faster, more accurate weighments than any other design available. 

Bag Conveying

For over 7 years Hamer has been manufacturing highly robust, simple to apply bag conveyors for virtually any application.  From knockdown/turning to upright bag handling conveyors integrated with bag sealers, the Hamer line offers economy, durability and flexibility for just about any bagging requirement. 

Bag Sealing

Fischbein, the world leadre in Sewing, Heat Sealing and Pinch Bottom Closers has the most Comprehensive line of sealing products forindustrial bagging applications. From portable hand sewing to sewing systems, tape sew, pinch bottom closing and hot air and hot melt sealing, Fischbein offers market-leading, industrial grade sealing technology with more options than any other manufacturer.

Bagging Automation

Hamer-Fischbein Form, Fill and Seal and Open Mouth Bagging solutions are unsurpassed.  With over 700 industrial form, fill and seal machines across North America and over 20 years of Open Mouth bagging automation leadership, Hamer-Fischbein offers more practical solutions to large format bag producers than any other company.

Sewing Systems

For more than a century, packaging companies of every size and from every industry, have trusted Phlip Rahm Int'l to provide the most effient and dependable machinery for the closing of all types of bag filling.  Fischbein Company manufatures a full line of innovative bag sewing equipment from high-speed, bag sewing systems to hand-held portables for small the smaller jobs.  Along with these highest level products are a line of accessories including bag-top folders, thread, bag coders, tape break detectors and a full range of conveyors. Whether your application calls for plain sew, multi-wall paper bags, sew through tape or woven polypropylene, mesh or jute bags, Philip Rahm can help you meet your needs.

Robotic Palletizing

In 2015 Hamer emerged as the volume and technology leader in Robotic Palletizing solutions.  All Hamer palletizers feature simple, easy to maintain designs, high quality, rugged industrial conveyors, state of the art electronics and our proprietary EasyPic (TM) operator software. From simple low speed, semi-automatic to very high speed fully automatic palletizers, Hamer offers the best built, easiest to use solution available.





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Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 articles) Result Pages:  1