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Hundreds of applications can be performed more safely and more efficiently with specialized machine shop equipment & magnets.  These shop tools are engineered for specific material handling tasks and/or specialized processes that require the manipulation of ferrous materials.  Precision tools are available for measuring and fabrication.  Other devices are engineered to expeditiously grip, maneuver, or secure various materials handled by workers in the shop.    
Magnetic Tools

This category of specialized machine shop tools & magnets includes precision magnetic tools, magnetic welding equipment, and a variety of hand tools that allow workers to safely and expeditiously manipulate small metallic parts.  Various magnetic stands allow for workers to precisely measure various work pieces.  Welding tools, including a wide range of clamps and hold fasts, allow welders to position materials firmly in place while fabricating various products.  Facilities managers can also invest in a wide array of magnetic tool holders, trays, racks, vise jaws, and hand tools for precision assembly.  

Lift Magnets

This line of products is known for its ease of use in a variety of applications.  These machine shop tools & magnets are designed for lifting a variety of awkwardly shaped and heavy loads.  These devices are user friendly and easy to install.  An added advantage offered by most models is electricity free operation.
Fixturing and Holding

This line of machine shop tools & magnets features devices that are capable of holding 4 to 10 times as much weight as competing equipment models.  This is primarily due to the strength of the permanent magnets manufactured into their assemblies.  Specific product lines include work holding devices, devices that hold rotors in place, island pole, and horseshoe magnets.  Wall storage units are also available that will help supervisors keep work areas and tools organized in a safe, efficiently arranged vertical space.  

One of the most useful accessories that fabrication facilities can invest in is the DVA safe box.  This is basically a metallic shipping box that is secured by a combination lock.  Only the shipper and the receiver know the combination to this lock.  Because the box slips nicely into standard shipping boxes, it can be used to both secure and protect sensitive equipment and documentation when shipping freight through any of the major carrier services.  

Fabrication Facilities Equipment

Fabrication facilities can also choose from a wide range of unique machine shop devices & magnets that can be used to improve efficiency, safety, and overall process flow.  Some of the more notable product lines include computer enclosures that protect information systems equipment that is placed in storage from dust, water, and impact.  There are also numerous sweeping and cleaning tools that can be used to keep fabrication facilities free of ferrous scrap that can easily build up in work spaces.  Devices are manufactured using either rare earth or permanent magnetic materials.  Various carts make it easier for workers to carry parts, tools, or supplies.  A hydration station provides readily accessible hand washing, fluid disposal, and emergency eye wash and drenching shower.  It also includes a first aid kit.



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Magnet maintenance is critical for keeping facility productivity at its highest. While these devices don’t require much attention, as they are extremely reliable, they can still be affected by physical damage, excessive heat or age.
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Regular industrial magnet maintenance is necessary for keeping equipment in working order. While these devices are usually sturdy and extremely reliable, various environmental stresses will reduce their effectiveness over time.
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Plate Lifters Are Required For Moving Heavy Loads
Metalworking industries frequently require the use of plate lifters in order to move heavy loads. Any operation using metal sheets require a means of moving them.
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Magnetic lifting equipment consists of permanent and electrically-activated devices that are mounted to a transport machine. These devices can achieve impressive load forces while maintaining excellent safety and efficiency.
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A magnetic chuck is a piece of equipment designed to hold ferrous parts firmly in place so a machinist can work on them. It is a type of work holding device that allows the machinist to grind, drill or otherwise manipulate the iron-based part in question with greater ease and precision.
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There are many benefits to using a lifting magnet over traditional hoists, chains, and hooks when moving ferromagnetic materials. The two primary benefits are the levels of safety and increased efficiency.
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Magnetic equipment is a mainstay in several processing industries—especially food, minerals, and recycling. These versatile machines can improve the safety and quality of a product. The most common varieties used in processing factories are lifts, separators, and coolant filters.
The Details To Consider When Selecting A Lift Magnet
The powerful strength that a lift magnet can provide is extremely beneficial to companies handling heavy materials. Whether in a scrap yard or industrial warehouse, its specific use is the main determining factor in selecting the best model for any given company.
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A magnetic V block is also known as a base, and is an important device in the metalworking industry. These are simple tools that use a permanent magnet to secure metal pieces without the need for clamps. They can be found in a variety of designs for handling parts of any size.
Lift Magnets Are Most Useful In Recycling Industries
Lift magnets are heavy duty pieces of equipment that are essential for ensuring product and process safety. They are most often seen in the construction and recycling industries, where they are typically used to transport high volumes of metal.
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