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Commercial Shredder

A commercial shredder can significantly reduce waste and minimize the size of debris.  The numerous applications for this type of device have given rise to a variety of machine sizes.  An appropriately sized and feature-rich model can drastically include an organization’s profitability.  Specific designs are available for shredding wood, plastic, and a wide range of other materials.  

Unused wood products can quickly become a space management problem in any storage area
. Reducing this wood to small chips allows it to be used for a number of special purposes.  Chips are often used in landscaping forms.  They can also be recycled to make wood-based products like cardboard.  Wood is also used for space heating in homes and offices.  Recycling wood helps forest conservation efforts and provides a ready supply of both products and energy.  

One particular example of this can be found in unused, old pallets.  Not only do they take up valuable space, they are also an eyesore and a possible safety hazard if they begin to splinter into smaller pieces.  Recycling these pallets into heating fuel or animal bedding is the most practical and beneficial means of disposal.  Non-wood materials, such as nails, screws, and other debris, can be removed and separated by the machine.  

Commercial and household waste is often incinerated for health and safety reasons.  Commercial shredders are essential to the disposal of many substances that are too thick or too large to incinerate as whole objects.  Reducing the material to small pieces makes it easier to burn them.  It also results in fewer toxic by-products.  Various machines feature special designs for breaking down specific types of materials.  

The most commonly used type of commercial shredder is the paper shredder.  It can be used for either office or factory applications. These devices are essential to protecting the identities of people and proprietary intellectual property. Every organization produces documents that contain confidential information about the business, proprietary trademark secrets, and personal information on employees.  

These documents are frequently the targets of theft, so they must be destroyed in a fashion that makes it impossible to retrieve the information they contain
. Reducing them to fine strips of paper is the most effective way for an organization to protect itself and its employees.  It also makes it easier to recycle the paper after it has been run through the machine.

Commercial shredders also help reduce the size of waste materials so that storage and production space can be free from clutter.  Mobile units are available that can be moved from place to place.  Other models can be positioned stationary in key locations throughout the building.  Many companies place at least one unit near the garbage receptacle in order to facilitate rapid facility cleaning.  

A commercial shredder is typically an affordable investment.  While cost will vary between machines designed for various applications, most models fall well within the parameters of budget tolerance for companies of all sizes.  Anywhere from 1-3 quality disposal units will more than pay for themselves through the improved safety and process flow they contribute to facility operations.

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