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Work Holding Magnets

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Work Holding Magnets
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Permanent Magnetic Parts Lifter 

Permanent Magnetic Parts Lifter PMPL Series is designed for ferrous parts and the direct replacement of vacuum cups located on ferrous parts transfer systems.

lAn exclusive “Fail Safe” feature is built into each magnet. Once the powerful permanent magnet is engaged, only air pressure in the reverse “off” direction will disengage the unit, even if the airline is disconnected or loses pressure. This process ensures a positive connection between your parts and the working surface of the Permanent Magnetic Parts Lifter.




Whether milling, turning, drilling or grinding, MPI’s Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet will hold your workpiece in place with a strength previously unattainable. This workholding magnet delivers four to ten times the holding power of competitive products. Not only does the Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet boast significantly better power, it also houses this magnetic strength in an enclosure that is typically more than 50% smaller than other comparable units. MPI’s Pneumatic Switchable Permanent Magnet is the only one able to handle thin gauge metals, which often do not accommodate the use of magnet workholding devices.


  • Superior performance part holding of laser welded blanks

  • Low cost operation – no electricity or hydraulics required to operate (pneumatic actuated)

  • Extremely reliable – life cycle tested to > 5,000,000 cycles to date

  • Shear holding force is 3X–7X stronger than competitor’s electro-magnet

  • Shear force is comparable to hydraulically switched magnets, but without the complexity

  • Results in increased productivity and quality; reducing rejected parts

  • Top clamping mass enhancers not required





Work Holding Magnets
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