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Where Can Fischbein Automated Bagging Equipment Be Used?

Fischbein automated bagging equipment can be integrated into nearly any processing facility, whether the packaging is made from paper or one of several types of plastic. Paper and plastic packaging must be sealed with different processes, so the company offers a range of machines that can handle either type of package. For paper, sewing machine systems are ideal because they don’t require heat. For plastic, a heat sealer will provide an airtight seal for the package that can be created in seconds. This means the machine can handle hundreds of seals every hour.

While there are a few manufacturers that offer these machines, Fischbein automated bagging equipment uses proprietary technology to produce plastic seals. Most sealing devices use a heated metal band that is applied to the top of the package. This band is typically heated with an electrical current and may reach several hundred degrees at the contact site. Fischbein, though, offers a number of machines that use hot air instead, eliminating the need for heated bands. This results in safer and more efficient operation.

The company’s package sewers can also work on some forms of plastic, but they are most often used on paper packaging because applying heat to paper may result in combustion. Fischbein automated bagging equipment includes bag sewing machines that can be installed in any production line, from semi to fully automatic. They can be adjusted to any height and provide dozens of linear feet of sewing every minute. This means that a processing facility doesn’t have to bottleneck its production in the packaging stage. Also, the company’s sewing systems are built with low vibration technology so they produce a perfect seal every time. This lack of vibration also prevents the machine from interfering with other devices nearby.

For the most part, Fischbein automated bagging equipment can seal several forms of plastic, including HDPE and PVC among others. Plastic sealers and paper packaging sewing systems can fit into nearly any processing line. Once installed, these machines are ideal for speeding up the packaging process and saving a lot of labor in the process. The workers that once dedicated their physical effort to packaging can be used in other areas of the facility, reducing the chances of injury and inefficiency.

Each of these machines is also serviced by affiliated technicians with the company. This ensures the device will work into the future without losing a lot of money during downtime.

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