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When Can Fischbein Portable Systems Be Used For Closers?

When mobility and reliability are needed from a bag closer, Fischbein portable sewing systems can provide the perfect fit. Designed for small volume bagging operations, mobile sewing machines are still quick and efficient enough to handle several bags every minute. Used in the food, animal feed, agriculture and chemical industries, these devices can create a tough, secure closure on a variety of packaging materials. This includes multi-wall paper and polypropylene bags, both of which are used frequently in bagging operations.

What is the difference between Fischbein portable sewing systems and big sewing systems?

The company’s big sewing machines are designed to be installed in a single location along a material channel and remain there, though they can be picked up and moved if needed. Larger machines are mounted on casters and can be automated, which allows them to handle a higher volume of material while remaining stable. On average, they can produce 35 to 75 linear feet of thread every minute, which is higher than mobile bag closers. Some larger models can also produce a double thread closure, which adds strength and seal quality.

Mobile machines, though, don’t have to be installed and can be used anywhere along a product stream. While they aren’t as fast as large machines, their ease of use and versatility means they can be easily integrated into a processing facility and used right away. They are also a more efficient option for plants that don’t have the time or space to invest in a larger bag closer. With a team of trained employees and a few mobile bag closers, the productivity of a large machine can be matched.

Where mobile bag closers are helpful are in field applications. In areas where placing a large machine is not feasible, a mobile bag closer may be the only option available. Mobile devices can be taken anywhere, transported in a vehicle of any size and quickly set up at a field location. With premium mobility and versatility, they can be a reliable backup bag closer if a primary closer goes down for maintenance.

How do Fischbein portable sewing systems work?

When the device is switched on, all the operator has to do is place the top of the bag in the sewing aperture and pull the bag through the sewer. The sewing process is done in one fluid motion and requires no technical expertise to perform.

These machines are available in vertical and horizontal designs, both make for ergonomic handling and a variety of sewing applications. All mobile bag closers are only about 11 pounds in weight, so they are easy to handle and won’t wear the operator out even after extended use.

While most produce a simple single stitch, there is also a tape sewing model that is compatible with crepe tape. All models produce four stitches per inch, a tough seal that will hold up under any condition.

Whether out on location or the production line, mobile bag closers are efficient and rugged enough to handle a variety of work settings.

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