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What Is The Purpose Of A Paper Recycling Machine?

What is a paper recycling machine?

While there are many devices used to repurpose this kind of waste, the most important one is the shredder. They are found at nearly every reclamation facility and are also used by processing plants that can make use of the shredded material. Each one is about the size of a large vehicle, though attaching them to conveyors or a large feed shaft will increase their footprint significantly. Shredders are reliable devices that can chew through tons of waste every hour.

How does a paper recycling machine work?

Each shredder consists of a feed area and a series of rotating, toothed shafts. Some models are also built with an arm that directs the waste material into the shaft. In general, these devices are designed with a single shaft, two shaft or four shafts. During operation, waste material is fed into the top of shredder. The toothed shafts are designed so that their teeth interlock and when the shafts spin, the teeth form an impassable barrier. Material is grabbed by the teeth and pulled through the shafts where it is torn apart, compacted and expelled out the bottom. The result is a uniformly-sized collection of shredded material.

What are the applications of shredded paper?

The shorter fibers found in shredded material means that it has limited applications, but this does not mean the material is not valuable. This material, once shredded, can be repurposed into bath or kitchen tissue, though it is also useful in some crafts.

Is a paper recycling machine reliable and easy to install?

These shredders are simple to set up and dependable as long as the plant has the space for them. They are designed to be attached to conveyors, so they can be worked into any area of the plant where the conveyors can reach. If the waste material is thoroughly separated before shredding, these devices can function for a long time with minimal maintenance. In the event that other materials manage to reach the shredder, it can auto-stop if the foreign material will cause damage. This ensures that it will continue running even when exposed to stresses.

Can other materials be processed using a paper recycling machine?

In general, these shredders are built to handle a variety of materials, from wood and rubber to organic waste, so they are capable of processing other material. Their heavy duty rotors can make quick work of objects, even if they are accidentally placed in the machine. For example, an industrial shredder can often chew through full size appliances if it is powerful enough, so they can usually process any waste a facility needs to repurpose.

Once installed, these shredders can be the workhorse at any reclamation plant.

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