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What To Look For When Buying Recycling Equipment For Sale

What kind of products should a company look for when trying to find recycling equipment for sale?

A reclamation facility requires a huge number of machines working in concert to sort, transport and process materials fit for repurposing. To handle the tons of glass, plastic, metal, wood and rubber that must be processed, a plant will need reliable lifts, conveyors, separators and shredders. Each of these plays an important part in preparing the material for repurposing, so facility operators should only select products from companies that can be trusted.

Is there a major difference in recycling equipment brands available for sale?

Yes, there is. The biggest thing separating reputable companies and other suppliers is the focus on the customer’s needs. Integrating a huge piece of machinery into a reclamation facility is not a simple task. It may not always be obvious what the best product is for a particular situation. During these moments, the plant needs to have the supplier on their side. A reputable supplier should be able to find the right machine for the job and help the plant set it up.

Also, a trustworthy supplier will be better able to provide ongoing maintenance in case it is required. If, for any reason, the product breaks down, the supplier or manufacturer should be willing to provide the proper maintenance. While independent technicians can provide adequate service, a technician familiar with the product will be able to work faster and more thoroughly.

What features should these machines come with?

Reliability and efficiency are the two most important traits in any piece of machinery. Lifters need to be able to handle huge loads of material. Separators must work with minimal maintenance and without interrupting material flow. Conveyors are constantly moving, so they must be rugged while also maintaining a flexible form factor that allows them to be installed wherever they are needed. Shredders receive a lot of wear and tear, so they must be made from durable materials and capable of delivering a lot of power.

What manufacturers offer premium pieces of recycling equipment for sale?

Magnetic Products Inc. is one of the industry leaders in supplying high quality magnets for a variety of purposes. Among the devices MPI offers are powerful magnetic lifts and separators. Magnetic lifts are just as powerful as mechanical lifts, but require less maintenance and can be more precisely controlled through the use of an electromagnet. Magnetic lifts are also effective at separating ferrous metals from other metals, plastics and glass. MPI also offers magnetic separators that are appropriate for reclamation plants, including eddy currents. Eddy currents use electrical induction to produce a powerful repulsion effect that can be used to remove nonferrous metals from other materials.

Untha is one of the best shredder manufacturers in the world, utilizing powerful single, double and four shaft shredding technology for a number of applications. Even hard to handle items like cars and appliances can be reduced to a small, uniform size in minutes with Untha’s machines. Each shredder consists of multiple toothed rotors that grab and pull material through the teeth. This grinds and crushes objects under thousands of pounds of force. The result is a steady stream of material that can be easily processed further.

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