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What Are The Top Choices For A Commercial Grain Mill?

Companies in the feed industry may wonder what the best commercial grain mill is available on the market.   There are a few factors that make some brands superior to others.  In particular, Satake produces a rice product that is heads above the rest.  The company has developed a process called the Satake New Tasty White Process that produces rinse-free rice with enhanced taste quality and appearance.  Another company that makes an excellent mill product is Carter Day International.   This company has been in business for over one hundred years.  Carter Day International focuses on adaptability and trouble-free operations.  

What is the next step once a business purchases these units?  Each unit must be maintained and serviced adequately for top performance.  This is where Philip Rahm International (PRI) can help.  Some of the products this company sells include the DMU-QC Series Drawer Magnet and the Eco-Flow Magnetic Separator. Both of these machines are of great necessity in the milling industry.

PRI will help each company with processing, separating and packaging needs, in addition to maintenance and service of the existing machines.  This company has been in business since 1896 and has an excellent reputation with many suppliers in the industry.   PRI will work with the customer to make sure that the supplied machinery will be maintained and serviced adequately.  PRI has a stellar reputation for superior knowledge, commitment and integrity.  For any commercial grain mill need, please contact Philip Rahm International today.

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