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What Are Different Kinds Of Aluminum Can Recycling Equipment?

What kind of aluminum can recycling equipment is found at processing plants?

Although it saves a lot of energy compared to using virgin materials, repurposing this metal still takes a lot of work. When it arrives at the facility, it is typically dirty and sticky, covered in ink and unfit for immediate processing. Before it can be melted down and reformed into ingots, it has to pass through separation devices, shredders and crushers. During the process, the material has to be transported from machine to machine using conveyors.

How does aluminum can recycling equipment work?

The first thing that happens when the material arrives at the facility is separation. Normally, large amounts of steel and other undesirable items are swept up with the metal, and these have to be removed before the metal is melted down. The most effective way to handle this task is with magnet separators and separators that use air pressure to pick out plastic and glass. Magnet separators can be as simple as suspended magnets that pull out the scrap iron and steel as the load passes under it. Eddy currents are also a common sight at these facilities, as they are extremely precise at picking out nonferrous metals.

Shredders are used to reduce the metal to a manageable size, which is crucial for optimal reprocessing. Industrial shredders are huge machines about the size of a large truck and are fitted with several rotors, each built with powerful teeth. During operation, the metal is quickly ground down and pulled apart by the crushing rotors. Once reduced to this size, it is much easier to remove the inks from the container label.

Crushers are another important part of the process, as they pack the aggregate metal into bales or slabs. This makes for efficient transport, handling, and melting. Crushing the mdaterial together also makes it easy to store the material for future processing.

Can any aluminum can recycling equipment be removed from the process?

Each of the devices is too important to remove, though some facilities opt for manual separation instead of automated devices. This is quickly becoming a rarity, as automated separation machinery greatly improves the efficiency of reclamation facilities.  

How reliable is this machinery and how easy is it to install?

With a reputable manufacturer, these machines can last for years before they need to be replaced. Crushers and shredders are both built with safety fallbacks that protect them from massive mechanical failure. Magnet separators feature few moving parts so they can tolerate most working conditions without trouble. In all, this machinery is extremely hardy, but it should still be inspected regularly to prevent future issues.

The technology found at reclamation plants is powerful, rugged and efficient, making it possible to quickly churn through the millions of containers that arrive at these plants every day.

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