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Uses Of An Ore Crusher For Different Industries

An ore crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller pieces or dust.  They are most often used for heavy mining, quarried materials, creating sand and gravel, reducing waste, and recycling materials.  The most common are Jaw, Gyratory, Cone, and Impact crushers.  Each has its own way of reducing the size of the material put into it and has control over the reduction size, typically running from 2/1 to 25/1, depending on the type of machine. The breaking of a material takes place in stages, each time reducing the size of the material. Selection on the type of machine depends on the hardness of the material and the amount of material processed. For example, a Jaw crusher is usually the most cost effective, but if substantial volume is needed, a Gyratory crusher would work better due to its higher capacity.

An ore crusher should be visually inspected and maintained every time it is in operation.  The dust it creates while breaking the material affects the machine’s performance, and it’s important to keep the moving parts properly lubricated. Other parts that require frequent attention are the device’s screen and filter which may need to be replaced daily depending on the material that is being processed.  Another factor to consider is the environment in which the machine is operating. Cold and warm climates require different operating fuels and lubricating oils.  Seasonal maintenance is required in which the transmission, differential, actuator, and other internal gear oils are checked and replaced, if needed.  Regular inspection and maintenance helps keep the operation of the machine safe and increases the lifespan of parts.

Companies that make some of the most reputable crushers include Jacobson/Carter Day International, Shibang Machinery (SBM), and Shanghai Sanme Mining Machinery Co, LTD.

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