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Truck Scales Quickly Check The Weight Of A Large Vehicle

Truck scales, known as weighbridges outside the U.S., are simple devices that can quickly ascertain the weight of a large vehicle. Typically used for cargo vehicles, these devices are handy in a number of industries because their purpose is universal. They ensure road and transport safety, and can also track the amount of material being moved in or out of a facility. Because they are important pieces to several industries, they must be built to precise standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST. Models that do not use NIST standards are not fit for commercial applications.

In general, truck scales are unassuming pieces of technology that may just look like a raised platform or metal slab to the untrained eye. Modern devices follow one of two designs. They may consist of a raised platform that the vehicle operator drives up, or they may be installed in a pit dug in the ground. Nearly all models are made from steel or concrete because they must be highly durable. The weighing mechanism has changed over the years, but current devices are outfitted with several load cells. Load cells measure the weight using strain gauges fitted with electrical wiring. As the vehicle’s weight changes the shape of the strain gauge, the electrical resistance in the wiring also changes. The change in electrical resistance can be measured and quickly calculated to produce an exact number. Most truck scales are connected to computers that are monitored by operators in a separate area. Software designed to work with the device can record results, and alert the operator to any unusual readings. There are also portable versions available that can be easily transported. Portable devices are just as accurate as stationary models, and can typically handle up to 15,000 pounds of force.

Processing facilities like those in the mining, food, and recycling industries, need to keep a close eye on how much product is leaving or entering the plant. Without this knowledge, plant operators will have a hard time identifying weak spots in the plant’s processing methods. For instance, if truck scales at a facility indicate a low amount of weight for vehicles leaving with product, then it may be a sign that the facility is operating inefficiently. Also, keeping a record of the amount of material entering the plant can help operators create long-term scheduling that falls in line with peak material input times.

These devices also provide a valuable function for commerce. Because they can precisely measure the amount of material a cargo vehicle is carrying, truck scales can be used to quickly calculate how much a load of product is worth. This makes selling and buying in bulk a much faster, more efficient process. Also, they provide an essential layer of safety and regulation for road transportation. If a cargo vehicle is overburdened, it will pose a major hazard to the vehicle operator and others on the road. These devices can quickly determine if a vehicle is unsafe to drive, and signal the device operator to contact the proper authorities.

The humble scale is a reliable device capable of improving safety, efficiency, and record-keeping. Its precision and extremely low maintenance has made it one of the most ubiquitous devices among processing industries.

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