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Things You Should Look For When Finding Crushers For Sale

Manufacturers looking for crushers (reduction processors) for sale will need to find a knowledgeable sales representative and company that offers quality machinery. Reduction processors reduce large pieces of solids to desired particle sizes. It is important to let a sales representative know what type of material is being processed and how fine the material needs to be because reduction processors are designed to work with a specified maximum size of material. There can be several reduction processors on a production line as the raw product is processed and refined to its required dimensions.  Reduction processors can be found in almost every industry that requires reducing oversized materials to desired sizes.

What questions should be asked when purchasing crushers for sale?

  1. Is the reduction processor suitable for the material being refined?
  2. Will it be able to handle the capacity?
  3. Will it process several different types of material — i.e. sticky, abrasive, etc. — or is it only specified for one type?
  4. Will it process the raw product without overheating and without excessive fines?
  5. Is there noise reduction technology in place so the machinery operates with minimal noise and vibration?
  6. Is the reduction processor adequately sealed?
  7. Has it been configured to fit into the space available?
  8. Will it resist corrosion?
  9. Will it maintain purity and sanitary requirements?
  10. Is it virtually maintenance-free?
  11. Is there customer support and field service available from the supplier?

Once a reduction processor has been decided upon, it is time to find a supplier that has crushers for sale. Philip Rahm International (PRI) has done all the work in finding reputable manufacturers that offer quality products. One of these manufacturers is Carter Day/Jacobsen. They have been manufacturing processing equipment for over one hundred years. They are the preferred company for size reduction machinery because their processing equipment can handle almost any type of free flowing granular material. They also manufacture a line of stainless steel equipment for the plastics industry that dewaters, dries and cleans. Their machinery is virtually trouble-free and adaptable to any processing industry’s needs.

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