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Satake WS Width/Thickness Separator

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Satake WS Width/Thickness Separator
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The Satake Thickness/Width Separator was developed for size separation of various grains and beans. During the passage of materials through the revolving cylindrical screens, smaller grains or beans are discharged through the slots or round holes on the screen and to the outside of the machine. 

This machine is widely used at various large scale rice mills, seed processing plants and grains/beans processing plants to produce high quality products because it can separate broken grains and immatures easily and efficiently.



- Time required for changing screens is very short
- For the convenience of maintenance, the change of the screen can be done by one man
- Through the incorporation of anti-clogging devices the screens are kept clean all the time
- Maintenance is made easier through simplicity of construction
- A wide range of screens are available for many different kinds of grains and beans
- Possible to install at higher elevation position because vibration is kept to a minimum



The screens is made of corrugated steel plate with slots at regular intervals and is folded in to a cylinder
- Very small and light impurities such as dust are aspirated and discharged out of the machine by an optional suction fan
- Smaller grains collected at the bottom of the hopper can be removed outside by opening the bottom cover
- A chain drive system is employed to reduce transmission loss to a minimum







Satake WS Width/Thickness Separator
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