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Rice: Process Engineering Custom Design

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Rice: Process Engineering Custom Design
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Philip Rahm can get you the most comprehensive range of machines, processes and instrumentation for the rice industry.  The equipment encompasses harvesting, storage, cultivation, primary and secondary processing of varieties of rice produced throughout the world.

Since the founding of the company in the 1890's the production of rice processing equipment has constituted the core activity of the company.

Philip Rahm can and will meet your needs and requirements for new rice milling technology, whether it be from simple laboratory equipment, a fully automated turnkey installation or an individual machine.

We also have a huge stock of replacement parts for rice milling equipment for your convenience. 


Flow Design

Philip Rahms' engineers are fully aware of the many, varied methods for erecting Rice mills, cleaning plants, storage silos, packaging facilities and installing material handling systems that comply with today's health and safety standards.  We will offer you advice based upon our extensive experience, on how to make your site safe.  

Analyzation of Processing Systems

Our team of engineers are available to review and analyze existing or planned operations and offer proposals for solutions for the improvement of plant performance.

Remodeled Mills

Often the remodeling within an existing building is the most cost effective solution.  Progressive milling companies will constantly be searching to improve productivity and must examine the merits of a remodeled mill verses the construction of an entirely new plant.  Philip Rahm can help you resolve your remodeling issues with step-by-step analysis backing.  Our reputation speaks for itself.

Rice: Process Engineering Custom Design
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