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Power Matrix
[Power Matrix]

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Power Matrix
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Square Pole Technology - Produces the highest clamping force possible for the pole size.

Matrix Format - Assures that clamping force is equal in all directions.

Electro-Permanent Design - Uses two types of permanently magnetic material. Electronic pole reversal is used to turn magnet "off", releasing the workpiece. This chuck is virtually failsafe because, in the event of electrical supply loss (power outage), the unit remains "on" - and workpiece held securely - until power is restored on the unit can again be switched "off".

Clamping Simlified - Only a single side of workpiece contacts clamp. All other sides are clear to machine. Stepped or shaped pieces can be accomodated with pole extensions, multiple parts can be loaded simultaneously, and  a full range of standard tooling optios is available.

 Less Chatter and Vibration - Longer Tool Life - Superior Finish - Reduced Clamping Time - Increased Productivity

Power Matrix
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