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How Robotic Palletizers Increase Efficiency For Manufacturers

How can robotic palletizers help increase efficiency in your manufacturing business? Organizing goods for delivery are facilitated by the presence of computerized machinery in a manufacturing facility. These machines are able to stack goods quickly and efficiently for transportation.  Automating the process with computerized machines means an increase in the total number of boxes, crates, or cases that can be bundled at one time. They are instrumental pieces of equipment in any successful manufacturing business. Automated bundling systems are found in many industries: cosmetics, food and beverage, automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and much more. Any time a person buys a manufactured good, a computerized machine handled it. These machines reduce costs on labor, are reliable, flexible, require less maintenance, durable, and improve safety and ergonomics.

Robotic palletizers are essentially programmable multi-articulating arms on platforms. Some automated bundling systems can stack several different placement configurations and types of packaging. They work in tandem with other industrial assembly machinery. Manufactured goods are fed to the automated bundling system by an infeed conveyor belt. From there, the articulating arm quickly picks up the product, places it on the pallet in the specified configuration, and then places the bundle on the discharge conveyor belt to the wrapper. The slowest machine can stack nine to eleven cases a minute, but average about twenty pieces a minute (the fastest machines stack about 150 cases a minute). Most of these systems are capable of moving 360 degrees and require a large space in which to operate. They are easily customized for any industry and can be fitted with different end effectors—depending on the product being lifted. With a user-friendly interface and software, an operator (with minimal training) can easily change speed, placement patterns, or kill operations quickly.

If your business is ready to streamline their packaging and transportation processes, the next step is to find the right company that specializes in robotic palletizers. Most industries go to a general robotics company, but an astute business will find a single-source provider that understands material handling integration. These businesses design, produce, and support their automated bundling systems. When considering purchasing one of these automated systems, it is crucial for the provider to know several key factors:

  1. How much floor space do you have available?
  2. What types of casing do you use?
  3. Will you require a customized end effector?
  4. Are you a high-volume environment or low-volume?

Computerized bundling systems are incredible pieces of equipment that can greatly benefit your company’s processes and efficiency. They are versatile, durable, and highly efficient. Furthermore, they can be easily integrated into your upstream and downstream equipment processes. They are a great addition to any business looking to compete in today’s aggressive economy.

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