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How Fischbein Big Systems Work For The Processing Industry

Fischbein offers several big sewing systems that are perfect for any processing facility that uses bags to package material. Each model can work in semi-automated or fully automated production lines and are able to handle a variety of packaging materials. This includes multi-wall paper, polypropylene, and PE bags. All sewing machines are also compatible with a number of features and come standard with additions that make them extremely durable. In short, they can be integrated into nearly any product channel and will quickly become a workhorse.

How do Fischbein big sewing systems work?

These machines are designed to sew shut several common forms of bag packaging. They are particularly useful for the food and animal feed industries where bulk product is regularly handled. While in operation, the bag is either manually fed into the machine, or is grabbed and pulled through by the infeed system. Once fed into the machine, the sewing head will drive the thread through the top of bag and pass it through.

Some models are compatible with tagging devices that position information tags on the bag. Single or dual tagging devices are available. Trim removal devices are also available and recover any bag trim or tape clippings automatically.

A single sewing head is enough for many applications, but others are available for heavier or more delicate products. Dual sewing heads produce two heavy duty threads that are sift proof and able to handle additional weight. Tape sewing applications are popular for animal feed packaging as they can sew through a layer of sealing tape. This provides additional strength and an airtight seal. Tape sewing models can also be fitted with a contact tape coders and tape trim collection devices.

What makes Fischbein big sewing systems superior package handling machines?

With their superior versatility and reliability, these machines are some of the best bag closers available. Each model is mounted on an adjustable height pedestal with casters that provides stability and multiple options for sewing heights. Every sewing head is self-lubricating, providing steady performance and extending the life of the sewing head.

All bag closing machines are efficient and fast without sacrificing the quality of the closure. Entry level bag closers can produce up to 55 linear feet of thread per minute, while high end models can produce up to 75 linear feet of thread per minute. This comes out to about 25 bags every minute, on average, which is enough speed for even the heaviest product channels.

Mobility and ease of installation are also primary design concerns with these bag closers. Each machine is built with a compact form factor that enables easy placement. Even after installation, they can be picked up and moved to another area, so they can be used for multiple product applications.

Each model is also strengthened with a corrosion-resistant finish that protects them in any setting. Fischbein’s bag closers are also easy to maintenance and can be taken apart quickly to replace or fix parts.

These impressive sewing machines can meet the bag closing needs for most processing plants. With their ease of use, speed and reliability, they will quickly become one of the most respected machines in any plant.

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