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How Could A Robotic Palletizing System Benefit Companies?

A robotic palletizing system is ideal for moving around a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. These devices are useful in a number of industries, especially in facilities that have to handle a large amount of product daily. This makes these devices invaluable in the food, animal feed, agriculture and chemical industries. Each device consists of an automated arm connected to a sturdy base. From this base, an operator can access a console that controls the movement patterns of the device. The device only requires about 100 square feet to operate, so it can be integrated into most facilities without trouble.

While it is possible to build a robotic palletizing system using parts from several manufacturers, it is generally a better idea to buy the machine as a single unit together. Companies that specialize in these machines are usually willing to visit the facility it will be installed in and help determine the best device for the job. In some processing plants, speed is more important than power, while the reverse is true in many other facilities. These machines can provide at least 300 pounds of lifting power, though some models can manage much more. The average loader can place about 20 bags a minute. This combination of power and speed is far superior to manpower alone. In short, a robotic palletizing system can greatly improve the efficiency of a processing plant and prevent stress injuries caused by repeated lifting. Workers that normally spend their time lifting and moving packaging can instead use it to perform safer tasks.

Before selecting a robotic palletizing system, it is a good idea to consult with the manufacturer to determine what model would be best for the facility. Once the right loader is found, the manufacturer should be willing to install the device and set it up for the facility. The installer will likely pick an optimal loading pattern for the machine, but an operator can change this in the future. This is one of the most useful features that come with these devices. At a moment’s notice, an operator can program a custom loading pattern into the device. This requires no programming skill and takes effect immediately. This is useful for facilities that handle multiple products.

These devices can be fitted with a number of end effectors that give the machine a lot of versatility. End effectors are attached to the arm and allow it to pick up a variety of objects. For example, bag-style end effectors come with a pair of grabbing jaws that secure a bag of any size without ripping or damaging it. Vacuum-style end effectors can pick up bulky items that would be difficult to grab otherwise. With a collection of end effectors, these machines can pick up just about anything.

Another important reason for buying a complete robotic palletizing system from a single company is maintenance. A machine that consists of parts from several manufacturers will be harder to repair should it malfunction. A device with a single manufacturer, though, is easier to maintain because the company can better diagnose and fix anything that goes wrong.

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