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About Our Company

Established in the 1890's, Philip Rahm, Inc. was among the first importers of rice milling machinery to the United States. In operation continuously since that time, initially as the fledgling industry's leading supplier of rice milling equipment and spare parts, the firm has been instrumental in the growth of the U.S. rice industry since its beginning. As the rice milling industry grew in the United States, the firm was responsible for process design and the selection of equipment for milling facilities in the U.S. and abroad.

Named for its founder, the company was purchased from Philip Rahm's grandson in 1968 by the present family ownership. In the following four decades, the company's reputation within the industry for expertise, integrity, and commitment has allowed for the growth of the firm, as we acquired new lines and found new applications for existing ones.

Our success with the milling equipment soon afforded us opportunities to expand our offerings, and we began to assemble a broad range of products with applications beyond milling. In the 1970's we acquired a line of size reduction equipment used primarily in the feed industry, but equally applicable in a number of industries. A line of cleaning, grading, and sizing equipment soon followed, and our evolution continued.

The addition of power transmission, material handling, conveying, packaging, and metal detection equipment has allowed us to position Philip Rahm as a reliable, resourceful, and economical supplier to hundreds of customers, each requiring effective, application-specific solutions to a wide variety of needs in areas such as the food, chemical and recycling industries.

Our relationships with our major suppliers have spanned decades, and have been cultivated to focus our respective abilities on providing practical, proven, and economical solutions to our customers' needs. If you have a problem, or simply want to improve or expand, let us know. Our experienced staff will work with you and our manufacturers to implement a course of action that will best suit your needs and goals.

Much has changed since Philip Rahm opened the doors some one-hundred and forty years ago.  Our list of suppliers has grown to expand our continuing effert to service our customers.  Knowledge, experience, integrity and commitment, however, have always been the cornerstones of good business. These qualities, along with some of the finest equipment made today, are what Philip Rahm International brings to the table every day.

With almost a century and a half behind us, we look now to the future. Get in touch, and give us the opportunity to help you shape what lies ahead.


Our Staff

Jim Bond - President -

Rick Bond - Sales and Administration -

Gary Carter - Repair & Parts Manager -

Anthony Bond - Inside Sales -

Ethan Carter - Repair Technician -

Jennifer Bond - Accountant -


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