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Gauss Meter - Magnetic Testing

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Gauss Meter - Magnetic Testing
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  • Immediately displays the DC or AC magnetic field.

  • Warm-up time is only 1/2 second, and there are no initial calibrations or adjustments required. Operates on a 9V battery or AC adapter (110-240 VAC), so the meter can be left permanently on if required.

  • Can be rapidly scanned across a part to check magnetization.

  • An alarm sounds only where the field magnitude exceeds the level that you set or where the field is between two levels you set. The alarm response time is 2 milliseconds, so it can be scanned quickly. The alarm can be used either to check for any residual magnetism or to sound if a magnet is out-of-spec (by setting the upper level just below the minimum acceptable field).

  • When set to the Peak/Hold mode, it displays the maximum field encountered since the last time "Reset" was pressed.

  • The Peak/Hold response time is also 2 milliseconds, so after scanning a surface, the meter can detect and display any very brief peak (spike) that was encountered as well as a slow one. The peak displayed includes the polarity sign, and the value will be held in memory until you reset it or turn off the meter.

  • Offset, if required, is manually adjustable.

  • There is also a "Relative Zero" function. Several interchangeable probe types are available, and the meter automatically detects the probe type.

Gauss Meter - Magnetic Testing
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