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Eco-MAG removes magnetic and paramagnetic contamination, down to sub-micron size, from coolants, lubricants and other industrial fluids. It has no consumables, and reduces or eliminates the need for paper filters, resulting in drastic reduction in paper filter costs and disposal issues.

Reduced Environmental Impact - customer is left with only metalic material - No more, or far fewer, paper cartridges to dispose of.

Lengthens Coolant Life - Removes even abrasives and non-magnetic material by means of heterocoagulation. Simple, rapid cleaning process greatly reduces lost coolant and disposal cost associated paper filters.

Superior Product Finish, Reduced Wear on Tools and Machines - all associated with virtually uncontaminated fluids.

Save Time, Money, and the Environment! Just give one a try, and you'll see the results!

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 May, 2014.