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Are Wood Shredders The Best Machines For Producing Items

Wood shredders are an important part of the recycling process, because this material needs to be reduced in size before it can be properly repurposed. While it is possible to reuse some larger pieces like boards, beams or planks, they usually need to be treated before they are safe enough to use again. For this reason, it’s usually more economically feasible to reduce the material to chips that can be integrated into a number of projects. From paper to mulch, these chips are an extremely useful resource that preserves trees.

Before the material is ready for repurposing, it must be run through wood shredders. These machines range in size, but most are around the size of a large vehicle. They may come with a single shaft or multiple shafts, and can reduce literally tons of material every hour. They function using basic physical principles, connecting a powerful motor to a series of toothed rotary drums. As the material is fed into the shaft, the toothed drums grab it and pull it through the rotating teeth. This produces a bulk of uniformly-sized chips that are ready for immediate recycling. Some machines use a single drum instead, relying on a hydraulic press to keep the material in contact with the drum.

Once the wood shredders produce the chips, they can be used in a number of ways
. One of the most popular applications for the chips is as a source of biomass fuel. This is particularly popular in parts of Europe, where there is a huge abundance of trees viable for this purpose. Like most biomass fuels, chips can be readily burned for fuel without much treatment or preparation, making them an efficient source of renewable energy. Wood shredders are especially important for biomass fuel generation because there is much more potential energy contained in chips, compared to logs. As long as moisture is kept to a minimum, a cubic meter of chips will produce significantly more fuel than a cubic meter of logs. This is due to the difference in surface area between the two. When burning chips, the greater surface area means they burn more easily and more reliably. This form of fuel is cheap and carbon neutral, maintaining financial and environmental health.

Chips are also usable in some surfacing and construction applications
. They are highly popular for playgrounds, and are effective at reducing impact from falls. In fact, playground chip surfacing that’s one foot deep can dampen impact from falls as high as 11 feet. These chips are also more environmentally friendly than rubber. Chips are also useful when pressed together and sealed using resins. Pressed chips are used to create particle board, a common material that’s often used for furniture construction or for lining walls or flooring in a building. Chips are also handy as a source of mulch, and can provide insulation and moisture retention for plants. Finally, chips can be processed into pulp, which is necessary for the production of paper.

Many industries and households benefit from this material, and wood shredders are the best machines for producing them
. With their high output and reliable operation, they can turn huge piles of waste into a valuable resource.

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