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APS - 3000 Sealing System

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APS - 3000 Sealing System
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The unique, APS-3000™ is three sealers in one – this versatile sealing system closes three different type of bags. By combining dynamic hot air and rotary band sealer technologies, the APS-3000 seals traditional paper pinch bags, gusseted and pillow style PE bags. In addition, the 
APS-3000 can seal the pre-glued, pinch style laminated woven polypropylene and the new generation of “heat only”, sealable laminated woven polypropylene bags.

The versatile APS-3000 is a continuous bag sealing system, the operator simply selects and activates the machine features required to close a particular bag type. The APS-3000 securely controls the bag top throughout the closing process, ensuring the perfect, durable, sift-proof bag seal every time.


• 5/8 inch wide band sealer
• Teflon coated hot air folder/sealer 
• Full sealer compression section
• Variable speed up to 75 fpm
• Maintenance free direct drive system
• Safe easy to use low-voltage controls
• Motorized height adjustment
• Over temperature and bag jam sensors
• Full breakaway feature for easy maintenance



APS - 3000 Sealing System
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