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What Are De Lumpers Used For?

Rotary de lumpers are a specific type of grinding or crushing mill. They are used in different manufacturing and processing industries, such as petrochemical, mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food. They are commonly used to reduce oversized material to the desired size without over-grinding and overheating.

The act of grinding grains and seeds date back to prehistoric times when humans use to ground grains between two stones. With the invention of the millstone, larger scale grain processing became possible. Before the industrial revolution, grinding mills, or size reduction processors, were powered by hand, working animal (horse, donkey, mule, oxen, etc.), wind, or water. In some underdeveloped regions of the world, they are still powered this way, but in the developed world they are now driven by electricity. They are still simple machines that use the primitive concept of crushing particles between two hard surfaces to reduce their size.

All de lumpers have certain fundamental parts. They are a solid piece drum, constructed with steel, and equipped with rotor-driven blades on a shaft. There should be no internal crevices for materials to collect and decay. Size reduction processors can also be modified by specially designed cutters or with the addition of optional equipment such as inlet feeders, sizing screens, inlet and discharge trays and adapters. They can be stand-alone units or part of a full system of feeders, hoppers, conveyors, magnetic separators, dump stations, scales, and bagging stations.

Depending on the materials being processed or manufactured, de lumpers can be found at different stages on the assembly line.
Food processing

The food processing industry uses size reduction processors in the manufacturing of their goods. They are usually installed after separators and tempering equipment. Size reduction takes place at various stages of processing, with the employment of different types of grinding mills to ensure an even and standard product.


Many pharmaceutical companies use size reduction processors to reduce crystalized forms of chemicals to a dry, free-flowing powder before encapsulation or tablet formation. They can also be found after separators and tempering equipment.

Petrochemical and Chemical

A different form of size reduction processor is required when working with wet, sticky, heat-sensitive materials. Self-clearing de lumpers have the ability for a continuous cutting and grinding action that can cut through plastics, wax, fats, and aggregated chemicals. They can contain a single, double, or triple shaft depending on capacity needs. They are found at different stages of processing, as product is prepared and refined.

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