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How Is A Delumper Used For Processing?

Manufacturing and processing companies use a delumper to reduce oversized material into the desired size without overheating the product or producing fines. These simple processing machines are found in almost every industry because they are reliable, durable, and consistent. The machines are highly versatile and can be used to process wet, dry, hard, soft, brittle, or sticky materials. They reduce product without further processing, break clusters apart, and eliminate blockages. These basic processing machines are found at different stages on the production line where product needs to be reduced into more uniformed size. Their use protects fragile equipment that cannot handle the bulk agglomerates and materials. These simple crushers consist of a steel drum with rotor-driven blades on a shaft. The blades can be customized with teeth that will reduce the material to the required size. They are an important part of the processing industry because they produce an even and standard product that is of the highest quality and safety.

A delumper is found in nearly every manufacturing and processing industry — not just food or pharmaceutical. They are used to crush glass, metal, and plastics in the recycling industry. In the processing and treatment of waste materials, they are being hailed as an excellent solution to eliminating the blockages caused by the rise in use of sanitary wipes. When the mining industry needs to process coal, gold, and other minerals, they use crushers to exert a frictional force upon the materials. Crushers are extensively used in food processing – from refining grains to reducing the size of sugar chunks. Pharmaceutical companies also rely upon crushers to ensure the powders and liquids they are encapsulating or converting into tablets is the right size.  

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